London's Official Taxis - Private Car Hire

 Black cabs are London's official taxis which follow the different rules as compared to private cabs. You can easily get the black taxi from anywhere, even you can hailed it directly from the streets or at designated ranks situated in prominent places, including many rail, Tube and bus stations although you can not hail private cabs from the streets you have to make a booking online or from their office.

"Black cabs" are traditionally black but it is not necessary that it should be black, there are many official taxis which are painted other than black however they are traditionally known as black cabs to differentiate them from private mini cabs.

If you look orange light illuminating on the taxi so it's mean that it is vacant and looking for a passenger so stopped it if you want to travel. Fares are metered, and there is a minimum charge of £2.40. If you booked the black cab by telephone on Christmas so it may apply additional charges. Many taxi drivers accept debit or credit card, but it's better to ask them before a trip starts, but it may also add charges. You can also tip your taxi driver if you like the service.

There are around 40,000 private hire drivers in London and 22,000 taxis, but only Black Cabs are allowed to pick people up off the streets. According to the report, Luton has the highest number of taxi cabs. All black cabs are wheelchair accessible and carry assistance dogs at no charge. It's a relatively easy business to get into provided you can raise the initial capital, you can be self-employed and start earning straight away.

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