Warning or Dangers in London

London is a peaceful city with a very low crime rate. With such a large population small dangers are always there for the visitors. These dangers must be checked in by the visitors and they should try their best in order to avoid these dangers in the city. In order to avoid these dangers, visitors can for sure hire our private airport transfers Airport24 service. Our service is a source of secure and reliable airport transferCheap airport transfer is what customers are looking for and Airport24 services are the best in providing economical travelling. Here we are sharing some dangers or warning which visitors needs to look for while travelling to London.

  • Pickpockets and Crime:

London is a safe city but like other large cities of the world, notorious activities like pickpockets and small crimes are part of it. Violent crime is very rare but you need to keep yourself aware of pickpockets. Don’t wear a backpack. Always hold the backpack in front of you. Do not leave anything like mobile, tablet or laptop unattended. Always try to remain in your senses during your visit to congested places.

  • Traffic, Driving and Crossing the Roads:

As London is a big and busy city so you need to make sure that you are a quiet alert while driving or crossing the roads. You need to know the rules of driving in London. You also need to know the fees that you have to pay at different places. In case, you do not have a vehicle to travel on, you should mentally be prepared to walk long distances in order to get a bus or train. You also need to cross the road with utmost care as London is a busy city.

  • Looking for Taxi or Cab in London:

London is a busy city with all sorts of vehicles travelling on its roads. Taxis or Cabs are also a great source of travelling in London. Before you sit on a cab, always make sure that it is not an illegal cab. For the purpose of having the list of legal cabs, always visit GLA website. Unlicensed cabs are a source of robbery, sexual assault and other serious crimes. The best thing to do is to get an online booking for the cab. Different services like Airport24  and many others are available to provide services to customers to whatever place they like.

  • Food Vendors:-

Like other parts of the world, Food vendors are also in great numbers in London as well. People should be aware of unlicensed food vendors and avoid any sort of food from them. The food may cost less but it is totally unhygienic and of bad quality. Food should always be taken from a legal food vendor.

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