Best Transportation Facilities in London

London is big city along with a huge economic hub. Millions of people travel along the city every day. The transportation system is great in this big city. Foreigners also find travelling in London city interesting and comfortable. Different modes of transportation are available in the city. The best part for people who are travelling is that they can also avail our Airport24 service. Our service can provide two benefits. Firstly you can avail our private airport transfers and travel anywhere in London. Secondly if you want to reach a bus or tube station from any place in the city you can avail our cheap airport transfers. Here we are providing the most common list of transportation means in London.

  • The London Underground (Tube):

It is the main source of public transport in London. There are in total 12 lines of underground transport which can take you to most places in the city. There may be certain delays on the tube which needs to be looked in case you have got the tickets. Announcements are done on platforms in case of any delays. The trains and their platforms are listed as Eastbound, Westbound, Northbound and Southbound depending upon the direction of tube line and station. First trains leave the stations around 05:00 in the morning. Last trains leave central London at around 12:30 am on weekdays and 11:30 pm on Sundays.  

  • The Bus System:

When travelling outside central London, tube stations are not an ideal choice as the distance between them cannot be easily managed. Moreover if you are looking for a cheap journey, buses can be ideal. Although they will take a bit longer to reach your destination but still it would be a cheap and comfortable journey. The journey also offers a great chance of sightseeing hence keeping the journey interesting. The environment in underground stations is suffocated especially in summers with no air conditioners. Travelling by bus allows a comfortable and airy environment to its travelers. You can travel on bus by using Oyster card, Bank card, paper Bus Pass or a Travel card. In case you are using Oyster card or a Bank card, the fare would be £1.50. In case of travelling by bus only, you will be charged £4.40 per day. Top up of Oyster card can be done from tube stations. One day travel card allows you to travel till 4:30 am next morning.

  • Light Rail and Trams:

Light rail and trams can be considered as the extension of Underground (tube) system. Travel cards that can be purchased from tube stations are used in order to travel via Light Rail and Trams. Light rail are the easiest way to travel to most attractive places in East London. These connect with other train services allowing fast and comfortable journey to places likeGreenwich, Canary Wharf, and Stratford.

Trams runs across South London covering three different routes. First route starts from Wimbledon. It runs to Croydon and then to New Addington. The whole journey takes no more than 40 minutes. Second route goes from Croydon to Beckenham in 22 minutes. The third route runs from Croydon to Elmers End and takes about 15 minutes. Trams are considered as part of bus network and hence Travel card or bus card is applicable.

  • River Services:

Different routes are available along River Thames in London. These provide fast services from Greenwich Pier to Embankment and from Putney & Chelsea Harbor to Blackfriars. The best thing about these routes is that they pass through a number of interesting places like Houses of Parliament and London Bridge. The fare cost 12 pounds.

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