Best Places in London to Celebrate Thanksgiving Day

London is a city with people full of joy, fun and activity. People living here are fond of celebrating every international day/event. Thanksgiving Day is also celebrated by people in a unique and entertaining manner. Thanksgiving Day will be celebrated on 26th November this year. People also travel to London in order to celebrate the day in great numbers. The best thing for travelling is to obtain our private airport transfers. We at Airport24 are providing you with cheap airport transfers. On the eve of Thanksgiving Day, a special discount is offered to customers who are ready to take services from Airport24. For the help of visitors who are looking to celebrate Thanksgiving Day, we are providing a guideline for their help. These places can be definitely visited if you want to have a great day on Thanksgiving eve.


               Big Easy, Covent Garden:

This is the best place to visit on this Thanksgiving Day. This restaurant is renowned for the fact that the menu provided in the restaurant is such heavy that even an empty stomach going in Big Easy returns with stomach full. On the eve of Thanksgiving, one can certainly visit the place with his friends and family. The environment provided here is perfect for such sort of gatherings. The price of menu is also very economical. For $46, the customers would be getting butternut squash soup, roasted turkey with gravy and sweet potato mash. After that a classic dessert is served.

·         Sea Containers at Mondrian London, South Bank:

Sea Containers is having a great menu to entertain its customers on the eve of Thanksgiving Day. The menu is prepared by a special chef named Seamus Mullen. He is from USA. The menu is filled up with American flavors. The items included in the menu are roasted celeriac soup, maple glazed ham and pumpkin pie cheese cake. The price of this menu is $100.

·         Hubbard and Bell, Holborn:

Hubbard and Bell would be serving family style fare deal this year. The name that has been given is Bring Me Food Menu. The initial items of this menu include Venison Carpaccio and Kale Caesar Salad. Main items include smoked turkey with sprouts and pickled cranberry and roast beef with baby beets. Deserts include Pumpkin and Pie Cake.

·         The Narrow, Limehouse:

People fond of celebrating Thanksgiving at a place where they can have a view of entire London needs to visit The Narrow. Along with excellent environment, ideal food is also available on the eve of Thanksgiving Day. The menu is a classic American spread. It is a $54 menu that includes herb stuffed turkey, honey roasted root vegetable and cornbread/cranberry sauce.

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