Best Bakeries in London That Deserves a Visit

London is a place of food lovers. People living in London do not leave a single moment of happiness without cherishing it. The most common places to visit are the bakeries. Bakeries provide them a comfortable and charming environment in which they can spend some good moments of laughter. Not only locals from London, people who travel London via airport transfers also visit these bakeries in great numbers. Airport24 is a great service in this regard. People who love celebrating their cherished moments can hire our private airport transfers. We provide cheap airport transfers facilities at Airport24. Most commonly it is seen that after a successful meeting, interview or test, people rush towards these bakeries where they can enjoy with good quality of sweet food. Some bakeries are a must visit and we are providing service to these bakeries as well.

·         E5 Bakehouse:

E5 bakehouse is located in Hackney, London. Due to high quality products this bakery has been recognized for serving the best to its customers. The famous product due to which this bakery holds out its name is Hackney Wild sourdough. This bread in particular is loved by people. The breads are baked in highly professional manner. Along with breads, cakes, coffee and high quality lunch is also available.

·         Violet Bakery:

People who love to have sweet items must book their seats at violet bakery. Violet bakery is also located at Hackney London. It is a five year old bakery cum café. The owner of the bakery is Clare Ptak. He is world renowned food stylist and is renowned for his exceptional products. The best product of the bakery is Whoopie Pie. 

·         Bread Ahead:

It is located in Brought Market London. It is considered as the best food place in the whole market. Bread Ahead is renowned for its doughnuts. Excellent quality of cheese, olive sticks and loaves of sour dough and ciabatta is also available.

·         The Delicatessen:

It is located in Clapham, London. It is owned by Robin Gill. Robin Gill is active in transforming the shops of culinary. Innovative sandwiches, homemade loaves of sourdough, potato flat bread and Guinness Soda bread are its specialties. 

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