Best Playgrounds to visit with Kids in London

London is the capital city of England. It also is the most populated city. Kids are also an essential part of the community. Kids are often seeing demanding their parents and school teachers to take them to the playground. The activities like this are equally as good as other activities in kid’s life. For the purpose of travelling to playgrounds, we at Airport24 are providing a unique service. We are a cheap airport transfers providing services to different places in London. Our airport transfers would allow you a comfortable, safe and reliable journey to places you wish to go. We will provide pick and drop service right at your living space via our private airport transfers. 

  •     Princess of Wales Memorial Playground:

This playground was made in the memory of Princess of Wales. It is located at Kensington Gardens London. Kids who love to explore things and are imaginative love going at this playground. Various things like ships, boats, wigwams are located in the playground to entertain the kids.

  •     Coram’s Fields:

This is located betweenKing’s Cross and Holborn, London. The total area of this field is 7 acres. It has a beautiful playground along with a spectacular park. Younger kids who are mostly less than 16 years love to visit the place. Different play activities have been placed in it. School children also love to visit the area. Teachers from various schools bring children to this place during the class of physical activity or during break times.

  •    The Lancaster Gate Playground:

This playground is located in Kensington Gardens London. This playground is ideal for toddlers and young children. Youngsters can fully involve in physical activities without any sort of fear from elder children as they are not allowed in this playground. Swings, slides and balancing equipment are the best activities from which children can be amused in a good way.

It is an adventurous playground that allows the children to participate in a great range of play activities. Special places have been dedicated for children playing. The areas have been divided on the basis of activities. One area focuses on swinging, climbing and digging. The other area includes activities like building dens, cooking and painting.

  •     Clapham Common:

It is one of the largest playgrounds in London. This playground is open for every age group. There are in total two playgrounds at Clapham Common. Families also love to visit this playground. The real sources of attration are the 3 ponds located beside the playground. Eagle Pond and Mount Pond are used for fishing and feeding duck purpose while Long Pond is there to entertain the visitors with boating activity. The playgrounds are filled with swings and climbing frames for babies.

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