Special places to go on Valentine's day in London

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and everyone is planning to do something special for their loved ones. It’s a day of love, romance and care. You feel the  love in the air while red roses and valentine day gift can be seen everywhere. Love and beautiful places have a deep relation because they are the compliments of each other. Romantic environment and eye appealing views intensify the emotions of love and you feel the warmth of love in your heart. I’ve no doubt in saying that London has no comparison with any other city in romance and it’s the best choice to spend valentine’s day as well.

On the special occasion of valentine’s day it seemed that everything is submerged in the sea of romance. Every location in London is romantic and also within affordable budget. No matter you are a dance lover or want to spend the day in the bar, London has everything to entertain you. Moreover, the luxurious transport services like airport24 enriches your happiness by providing its comfy services at cheaper prices to ensure your journey smoother. Surprisingly, airport24 provides online booking facility with trained drivers.

If you love historic places and like old traditions, then the National History Museum and Whispering Gallery in the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral are the best places for you to visit on valentine’s day. In whispering gallery you can whisper sweet words in your lover’s ear and tell them how much important he or she is for you.

special places to go on valentine's day in London with airport24.

Kensington Palace Gardens is known as the most romantic garden for lover because of its beautiful design. Beautiful flowers, green trees and captivating plants are everywhere, which makes a perfect environment to propose your lover. The sweet fragrance of flowers keeps a spell on your mind while the cool breeze increases your heartbeat. Is there anything better than this?

Do you feel fancy for nostalgic places while your princes love worthy things? If yes, then William and Judith Bollinger Jewellery Gallery is a perfect place for you. The William and Judith Bollinger Jewellery is located inside the Victoria & Albert museum. The room is a splendid example of beauty as thousands of real gems and diamonds are present in the walls of the room which wonders its viewers.

For adventure lovers, the Coca-Cola London eye is the most appealing place to visit on valentine’s day. You can experience the beautiful view of the city in a different and breathtaking way. Holding the hand of your lover at the height of thousands of feet and excitement of valentine’s day. Nothing is better than this. Say thanks to London for providing you love and adventure at the same time.

Lime Wood in Hamsphire is tourist’s best hotel to spend the special day inside the surroundings of a building. The hotel provides luxurious rooms and first class facilities to its guests while the beautiful atmosphere of the hotel increases the passion and enthusiasm for the special occasion. Moreover, the elegant stand alone tubs let you take a romantic bath to make your day unforgettable.