Ever grew tired of bending your head down to see the time or not being able to find your watch when you need it the most, well when you are in London you will never have to face such a problem and that’s all because of the Big Be. Big Ben is the most popular feature of The Clock Tower, now known as Elizabeth Tower in honor of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The Bell extends over 7 feet tall and weighs more 16 tons and is thus also known as the great bell the coinciding clock spans over a diameter of 23 feet with its minutes, hours and seconds hand being 14, 9 and 2 feet long respectively.  

It is undoubtedly Britain’s most beloved possession and has graced the scenic beauty of London with iconic Clock Tower for more than 158 years. The tower is erected on the norther end of the House of Parliament, also called the Palace of Westminster.
It houses the House of Lords and the House of Commons ,the palace was built during the middle ages but had went through many reconstructions over time with the most important one, happening from 1840.

It has been the center of British Politics since the power to rule the people was shifted to the people and according to its legislation, no monarch is allowed to enter it.
Apart from its political significance, it also portrays the magnificence of the British Architecture, extending over an area of almost 8 acres.
Though the Big Ben is the most popular part of the House of Parliament, it also contains numerous other architectural masterpieces which include :

  • Norman Porch
  • Queens Robing Room
  • Royal Gallery
  • Prince’s Chamber
  • Lord’s Chamber
  • Peer’s Lobby
  • Central Lobby
  • Member’s Lobby
  • Common’ Chamber
  • Westminster Hall

Because of its significance it was included in United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) list of World Heritage Site. Most of the tourists who want to visit the interior have to gain access to the stranger’s gallery through an MP.

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