Bath And Stonehenge

Once you are in England, you should be rest assured that you will find something more than the British Heritage.
Located inside the county Somerset, is the ancient city of bath that according to a legend was built by Prince Bladud during 9th century BC. When the Romans invaded this city they built multiple baths and temples here between 60th to 70th AD and these baths are still famous today as of today.
In 1987 UNESCO included Bath in the list of World Heritage Site thus making its preservation a legal obligation and maintaining its cultural significance. Today Bath has become an exquisite tourism destination and has become a symbol for pop and art culture, it glows with extravaganza, one that must not be missed. It hosts the famous Roman Baths, the iconic Pulteney Bridge, the Royal Assembly ruins and best of the shimmering scenes of the Circus.

You cannot call yourself aware and not know what Stonehenge is but it’s totally fine if you have no idea as to why this archaeological site exists and how it came into existence. Stonehenge is one of the most prominent historical mysteries.  Archaeologists and Historians haven’t are still trying to uncover the secrets of this henge. Many theories have been proposed concerning the main purpose this site, some say it was burial, some say it was a site of cremation and while a minority is of the opinion that it represents unification. Apart from that, what also is inconceivable is how these stones that weigh from 5 to a staggering 50 tons were erected at their respective positions. Were the people in 3000 BC following a diet that could explain this? Were they so far ahead in technology or was there an extraterrestrial power that lifted these stones up? No one knows how this happened and if you ever go to Wiltshire, be sure to spend sometime in the company of Stonehenge and try to imagine how they came into being.



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