Highclere Castle And Making Of The Downton Abbey

You can never be too tired to explore history when you are in the United Kingdom. Consequently, if you plan on adding up a little more zest to your tour, you absolutely shall go to Hampshire to visit the Highclere Castle. Yes, the same country house where the highly renowned costume TV series Downton Abbey was filmed. At the Southern landscape of the castle is a hill fort dating back to the Iron Age, which further adds to the glory of Highclere. The castle was originally built in old red brick and later on during the end of the 18th and start of 19th century, it was renovated by the Carnarvon family and converted into a Georgian mansion. From then onwards, the castle became a center for politics. The 8th Earl and Countess of Carnarvon now live in the castle on and off, remaining engrossed with the daily life over there.

When you visit the Highclere Castle, make sure you do not miss:

  • The 200-300 magnificent state rooms
  • Old kitchens with modern equipment
  • Beautiful gardens and parklands that can stand a thousand cars
  • The follies (Heaven’s Gate) and lush green parks
  • The Temple of Diana on the east side of the castle
  • The Tomb of Tutankhamen
  • The centuries old Egyptian relics

Talking about the making of Downton Abbey, the part showcasing Highclere Castle as a hospital actually took place in 1914 when the fifth countess, Lady Almina, became a nurse and a healer. Furthermore, there’s this mahogany desk and chair in the Music Room at the castle which originally belonged to Napoleon Bonaparte. The Highclere Castle was used for exterior shots of the TV series along with a village in Oxfordshire. For the interior shooting mainly the kitchen, the servants’ quarters, work areas and a few of the bedrooms were actually constructed and filmed at a studio known as the Ealing Studio.

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