Westminster Cathedral

The Westminster cathedral holds a center position among the Christian communities of England and Wales. The Roman Catholics of Wales and England regard it as the Mother Church. Constructed under the supervision of Cardinal Vaughn and the famous English ecclesiastical architect John Bentley, it today stands firmly as a masterpiece of contemporary architecture.
The cathedral opened during 1903 and has since then attracted thousands of devotees and tourists from all the around the world.
The following defining features of the Cathedral give it a distinct position in the world of architecture.

  • Its architecture is based on the neo-byzantine style which is highly influenced by the buildings present in Italy.
  • Unlike the rest of the buildings from the 19th and 20th century, the Westminster Cathedral is solely built from Stones and Bricks which has impressed professionals since the time it’s foundation was laid as it is proved that it wasn’t necessary for an enthralling building to be built by the use of concrete and steel.
  • The floor of the church stretches across an area of 54,000 square feet which provides an enormous space for the interior.
  • The effect of the spaciousness and the scheme of internal edifice can be fluently endured once you are within the walls of the Cathedral. It encapsulates inside itself a feeling of holiness and spirituality which even a non-devotee can feel once he liberates his soul and this feeling increase exponentially once the serenades from the choir fills all the nook and corners of the main hall.
  • The Westminster Cathedral Choir School is an integral part of the church and was a brainchild of Cardinal Vaugh, it was his vision to cultivate a prodigious group of musicians whose words would cast a mystic spells on the listener and his dream did turn into reality since the choir is famous all around the world today

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