Tower Bridge

While being in London there is no way that you can satisfy your wanderlust without letting it pass through the iconic Tower Bridge. Though most of you may recognize it because of its prominence during the 2012 Summer Olympics but it in fact was at the nucleus of London’swinsomeness even before that. Built during the last two decades of the 19th century its purpose was to alleviate the traffic load from the London Bridge and to maneuver the transport across the River Thames. A committee under Sir Joseph Altman approved the design submitted by Sir Horace Jones from among 50 more designs and upon its construction it was received with negative criticism from commentators with some labelling it to be the worst structure to be ever thrown across the bridge.
Time proved these critics wrong and today this bridge can be seen everywhere from old stamps to pop is indeed a sweet breeze for the eyes of a tourist.
One of the most fascinating part of the structure are its two bascules that can open up, like gigantic arms unfolding themselves,  allowing ships to travel through them by not affecting their movement.
This is specific nature of the bridge proved to be financially beneficial for London in terms of the trade boost it saw during the 19thcentury and along with that it also helped in the transportation of artillery during the 2nd World War.
It provides one of the 33 crossings, over the River Thames now and this crossing was made more special with the addition of the new state of the art Glass walkways. Travelers can now savor the flow of both the river and the bridge beneath them at the same time, this sight is indeed a sweet breeze for the eyes of a tourist.
There is no second opinion on the bridges importance in England’s image, today it is almost 122 years old and in this short period it has become a symbolic icon of London.

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