The Tower Of London

If you plan on wandering in Central London, you better not miss out on the splendor of the Tower of London, on the North Bank of the River Thames, founded as a part of the Norman Conquest of England. The Tower is one of London’s top fascinations as well as one of the world’s most eminent fortresses! The fortified stone walls of the tower carries 12 acres of land that has dark medieval secrets of the British royal families of the past as the vaults inside contain precious royal Crown Jewels that are watched over by Beefeaters (the Yeomen) in uniforms that are incessantly strolling in the tower grounds. The Tower of London is considered as a royal fort, an arms depot and as a prison.


What You Should Not Miss
The brick tower was used as a zoo for the noble beasts that were given to the King and Queen as gifts, these included bears, ostriches, lions and elephants. The white tower is one of the most renowned preserves in the world and has also been denoted by Shakespeare in many of his literatures. In the dusk hours you can explore the Coin and Kings exhibition too. Moreover, there is a famous legend that talks about the seven resident ravens that are in the court and if six of them fly away, the tower is destined to fall. Thus they are looked after and fed raw meat by the Raven Master. Then there is the Bloody Tower, originally known as the Garden Tower, which complements the splendid architecture of the Tower of London castle complex and has a gory and forbidding story of its own.  It was associated with the two little royal princes that were assassinated by their uncle who was desirous for the throne.

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