Buckingham Palace

  • Your tour to England would be very much lacking if you do not visit the Buckingham Palace! It is unquestionably one of the world’s very scarcely lingering castles that are actually functional and has been adding up to the splendor of the United Kingdom since years! So if you do plan on visiting, make sure you do not miss the following picks on your tour to the Buckingham Palace:
  • The 775 magnificent and extravagantly decorated rooms
  • The 19 state rooms
  • Architect John Nash’s Grand Staircase made up of bronze casting work
  • Art work and paintings by the well-known artists of that time
  • The Throne Room
  • The Ball Room


Many rooms at the Buckingham Palace were also used for royal wedding ceremonies for Dukes and Duchesses, made up of marble columns, remarkable carpets and state of the art furniture. Throughout your tour to the Castle, you will be getting a free of charge audio tour by Prince Charles himself! These guides are available in all common languages and there are exceptional arrangements for the hearing impaired visitors as well. What could be better? You can also go around and explore the 350 clock pieces and watches that are present throughout the castle. Another wonderful sight are the lush green gardens at the Buckingham Palace that are covering almost sixteen hectares of land area and contain an assortment of wildflowers, fruitful trees and also a lake. There is also a tennis court and a rose garden. On the west side terrace in the palace is a Garden Café where coffee, tea, cookies and sandwiches are made available. Additionally, if you are one of those who are visiting during the Summer Tour, they also offer you all sorts of souvenirs and small gifts that are created for noble collection. The palace is most famous for the ceremony of changing of the guardget there early as its very popular with Huge crowds

Luxurious Ride to the Buckingham Palace
As soon as your flight lands at London, you wouldn’t be able to help but notice the crowd at Heathrow Airport through which you need to struggle to make your way out to get a minicab. At Airport24, we would be elated to take you away from all the hassle from the airport to the most enthralling tourist spots in London, especially to the Buckingham Palace which is one of the rare working majestic palaces in the Great Britain! It has been open to tourists and sight seen during the summer months for more than 20 years now and whether it’s your first time visiting or you are a palace enthusiast, the Buckingham Palace is a must see with its state-of-the-art Grand Bronze Staircase, State Rooms, Throne Rooms, the finest Sevres Porcelain and lush green gardens. Each year, there is held a distinctive sort of exhibition by the Summer Opening on an unambiguous theme associated with the royalty that you would undeniably not want to avoid! Therefore, you need to reach on time and to Airport24 your timing is of utmost primacy. Onward journey Ltd  t/a Airport 24 We are always available for your airport transportation to and from all the Airports that serve London, Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted, Southend and London City airport.

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