London Roof Top Terraces worth Exploring

London is the capital city of England. For most part of the year, the weather stays cold, rainy and snowy there. It is only in the months of June and July that the sun comes out to its full. During these times, roof top terraces become the most recreational places to visit. People in London and around the world love to visit the roof top terraces in London. The feeling of direct sun light on roof top terraces is none less than the greatest blessing for people. In order to have fun at these ideal terraces, people from London and outside visit these places in great numbers. The best part in all this recreational activity is the facility being provided by Airport24 service.

A person who is local resident or someone who is travelling to London for the purpose of travelling to roof tops can easily obtain our Airport24 services. We provide cheap airport transfer at Airport24 service. If you are looking to have a reliable and comfortable journey, opt for Airport24 services. Here we are providing the list of roof top terraces where you can best enjoy your summer time along with reliable, economic and efficient service of our private airport transfers.

  • Boundary Roof Top, Shoreditch:

This is an ideal place for having some sunshine. This roof top has a grill and exclusive bar as well. It is place having exposed brickwork along with 100 years old olive trees. These specialties increase the charm of tourists to visit this beautiful roof top. The dining area and wine areas are both exposed to sun and hence provide warmth during eating or drinking. The most beautiful part about this spot is that the visitors can have a glance at sun setting down. This is really eye pleasing to watch.

  • Madison, ST Paul’s:

It is also a very popular hangout especially for people living on the inner side of London. It is located beside the giant tome of ST Paul’s Cathedral. It comprises of restaurant, tapas and cocktail bar all at one place. It is the best place to spend your summer time. You can have a great view of whole London city from here.

  • Roof Garden Kensington:

It is located at the top of city centre. It has 1 and half acre of garden that has fully grown oak trees. It has a restaurant named Babylon Restaurant. It also allows the visitors to have a look at London City.

  • Vista, Trafalgar Square:

It is the most exclusive roof tops. It is a best place to sit in and have a glass of bubbly after work. It is place for more sophisticated people. It is a place with view of Nelson Column at left, London Eye at front and Big Ben around the corner.

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