Top Nightlife spending places in London

London is a populated city filled of population that wants to enjoy their lives. People living in London are quiet chill and they do not leave a single opportunity of enjoyment. Late night parties and sunrise parties are a traditional activity of this city. Especially weekend nights are incomplete without these parties. The best thing in enjoying these parties is that people need not to worry for their late night pick and drops. Anyone can hire our private airport transfers in case the person wants to go for a party. Our Airport24 service would provide a pleasant, comfortable, safe and luxurious ride to all places of London where parties are conducted. We are a cheap airport transfer providing transport to students who do not have a lot of pocket money to spend. Here we are describing some places which are considered best if you want to enjoy your night time in London.

  • Corsica Studio:

Corsica Studio is located in South London. It has two rooms. One is for music and the other one is reserved for the bar. It is must visit place if you are interested in listening to classic, rock and pop music all the night. It is also renowned for playing new hit tunes for the people visiting it. Dubstep is especially played for people who want to dance to the extreme. It is an award winning venue as far as entertainment and music is concerned. Large bunch of jolly and funky students visit the place in order to create a lively atmosphere all night. A bar provides drink of choice to its valuable customers. Dance after drink is a real attraction for people at this place.

  • Egg London:

It is one of the most stylish venues in London that is spread across three floors. It is an open air venue where you can chill out, drink, sing, dance and listen to the most classic music. You can enjoy the way you like all night. Celebrations continue the whole night until the sun comes out. Once the sun rise, the guests are served with an exciting breakfast. It is especially renowned for its egg breakfast.

  • Electric Brixton:

It is one of the most recent openings in London. It was opened in September, 2011. A huge investment of millions of pound was done for its opening. It has the latest and completely new sound system that plays the music at its best. Moreover the best features of all best cafes have been put in it. It is considered as the best dance venue having the best DJ’s, drums and bass.

  • KOKO:

It is a music club having a full year schedule of live music and DJ led club nights. It also has buttoned down disco, Guilty pleasures and club NME. The best thing about KOKO is that it has every genre of music on its side. Starting off from Pop, then to rock, classical and dance music are all its part. One can truly enjoy latest music at this place.

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